Indiana State Athletic Director Sherard Clinkscales

Travis Smith sits down with athletic director Sherard Clinkscales to talk about Indiana State University and building a sustainable model of athletic success within the scope of higher education.

(About halfway through the interview you’ll hear a beeping in the background for a few minutes due to construction.)

Questions Asked:
What was your initial reaction and evaluation on the current state of the athletic department when you came to ISU?
How did you approach the first year to get an idea of your vision to move the department forward?
Many of the FCS division one institutions are public regional universities like Indiana State, so are there any particular challenges you and your fellow athletic directors face at these types of institutions?
Why did you decide to outfit the entire athletic department in one apparel company and why did you choose Under Armour?
Why type of relationship and understanding do you have with President Curtis on the direction of athletics?
After choosing a football coach not even a year sitting in the AD chair and the team goes 0-11 in year one, only to have the biggest turnaround in college football in year two and your coach being coach of the year. What were the emotions like in that first and second year for you personally?
As a former professional baseball player and college baseball coach, how exciting was it to see the ISU baseball program thrive all season long, including beating your alumni school/team in Purdue twice, and winning in the NCAA playoffs?

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