Introducing HEA Insider

I started my EdD in Higher Education at Indiana University in Summer 2020 and want to document my entire experience as a student and practitioner through HEA Insider. I’ve long considered myself a student of higher education that happened to work in college athletics, but now I’m fully committing myself to this doctoral program as I work to design-think the future of the NCAA within higher education.

So what type of posts should you expect through HEA Insider?

I’m going into this with a “document, not create” mentality, meaning I don’t plan on having scripted videos and won’t be worrying about my lighting (everything’s black and white for this reason) or editing skills. The content you’ll read, watch or listen to will be based on whatever topic I’m studying in class, something that’s on my mind, a review from a book I’m reading, a compelling podcast interview, an HEA research project I’m working on, or whatever current news is out there in higher education and college athletics.

How can you help out with HEA Insider?

Consume the content and give me your honest feedback. There will be a lot of times where I ask questions or opinions on things I want to learn more about. The content is going to be heavier on higher education topics so I’m hoping to reach more people studying and working in that space. Share the content if you find it interesting and helpful to build out my network of individuals.

How is HEA Insider going to be different than Higher Ed Athletics?

As of right now I don’t really know. HEA Insider is behind-the-scenes. The goal is to keep it as my outlet to be candid and completely open about this whole learning experience.

The Higher Ed Athletics podcast will continue as its own separate project focusing strictly on interviews with experts and thought leaders. Higher Ed Athletics will have some additional products and services in the next several years as I try to create revenue with this side hustle to pay off my student loan debt and cash flow tuition for the EdD.

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