Higher Ed Athletics Joins the IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute

Higher Ed Athletics is moving under the IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute effective immediately. The Institute has a strong presence in both youth and professional sports in the heart of Indianapolis and now Higher Ed Athletics will fill the college athletics void at the SII for years to come with research and multimedia interviews.

Those that know me understand my interest nationally in college athletics, but also the admiration I have for the entire Indiana University system. Holding a bachelors degree from the IUPUI sport management program, a masters degree in athletic administration at IU Bloomington, as well as being a current doctorate student in higher education and athletic department employee at IU Bloomington, this collaboration with the SII was a natural progression for what I envisioned Higher Ed Athletics becoming.

Let me be clear that this agreement is between Higher Ed Athletics and the Sports Innovation Institute on an academic project and not officially connected with the IUPUI athletic department, although I certainly want the #HEAatSII to become a trusted and strategic resource for the athletic department however they see fit. This is not a paid position and instead a decision to invest my time. I am keeping my regular day job with the Hoosiers and continuing my studies in the Higher Education EdD program at IU.

This opportunity allows me to continue following my interests of studying athletic administration and the future of college athletics at different types of NCAA institutions, but now with a credible home for research, significant faculty support, and the ability to create more opportunities for students to get involved from several different disciplines. And this gives me the ability to do something different and meaningful in the industry.

In addition to continuing to interview experts on the Higher Ed Athletics podcast and expanding to more video interviews and adding a speaker series, Sports Innovation Institute Director Dr. David Pierce will help me create and analyze several recurring industry-wide surveys to help practitioners, faculty and students share their educated opinions and help keep a pulse on the industry throughout the significant changes ahead. Leveraging the power of Qualtrics to collect information and use Tableau and Adobe to visualize it, HEA is now equipped to take the next step towards becoming a practitioner-based research and information hub for college athletic administrators.

IUPUI is a special place to me and I look forward to bringing more attention to this great university from my podcast and research as I continue to go out and talk to presidents and chancellors, athletic directors, and faculty at different NCAA schools. College athletics can be competitive, but my goal with #HEAatSII is to help as many students, faculty, and practitioners as possible here locally and nationally within the footprint of the NCAA membership. And of course I look forward to growing as a researcher and starting to publish in academic journals while I continue my doctoral program.

The rebranding of HEA is underway. Thank you so much for the continued support of Higher Ed Athletics. There is more exciting news to come about #HEAatSII later in August as season 3 of the podcast begins, including a specific call for research proposals in the IUPUI Sports Innovation Journal. Until then, follow along on Twitter (@HEAatSII) and subscribe to Higher Ed Athletics on Apple Podcast, YouTube and Spotify.

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