Duke University VP/AD Nina King

Nina King is entering her first year as Vice President and Athletic Director at Duke University after serving as a senior-level administrator for 13 years. After giving an institutional profile of Duke, King shares her thoughts on what it is like moving from a position of input to a position of decision-making. She shares her honest initial reaction to Coach K’s retirement announcement, philosophy on succession planning, and gives a look at what Duke has been doing behind-the-scenes to be prepared for this moment. As an internal hire, Smith asked how that experience will help shape her own senior-level team. King also shares her thoughts on what it was like being a Chief of Staff for previous VP/AP Dr. Kevin White, strategy behind her new Chief of Staff, and gives advice to current or future athletic directors that might be wondering what skillsets and responsibilities a chief role should have. King has and will continue to teach a sports business class in the MBA program at Duke with Dr. Kevin White each semester. She discusses the importance of that classroom experience to her as both an accountant and lawyer, and provides some insight into the syllabus and guest speakers. King, Chair of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Committee last year and again this year, shares her honest opinion on gender inequities at last year’s tournament and her thoughts on the future of the tournament with the continued success and quality competition in women’s basketball.

0:00 Introductions
0:20 Institutional Profile of Duke
4:00 Position of Input to Decision-Making
7:04 Coach K Retirement & Succession Planning
14:07 Adjusting Senior-level Roles after Internal AD Hire
17:17 Chief of Staff Position
25:13 Law School
29:20 Professor King Teaches Sports Business at Duke MBA
34:01 Chair of Women’s Basketball Committee

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