Arizona State University VP/AD Ray Anderson

Arizona State University as an institution is known for innovation and doing things differently. As you’ll discover in this interview, the athletic department has embraced that culture of innovation under President Crow and Vice President/Athletic Director Ray Anderson. This episode is packed with campus collaborations, such as with the ASU Global Sport Institute, led by his former Stanford football teammate and agent Kenneth Shropshire, and using experiences outside of college athletics and bringing them in to help him and the athletic department prepare for the changes ahead in college athletics. Anderson is also a professor in the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU and shares why he continues to teach class.

0:00 Introductions
0:45 NFL Experience Helping in the AD Chair
2:25 Culture of Innovation at ASU
4:48 Athletic Facility Priorities
7:06 Local Resistance to ASU Changes
9:25 Adding Instead of Dropping Sports
12:52 Why You Signed Contract Extension
16:07 Agent Experience Helping Understand Changes
18:30 Professor of Law
22:05 ASU Global Sport Institute Partnership
26:36 AD Advice for Embracing Industry Changes

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