UNC Asheville Athletic Director Janet Cone

Janet Cone has been leading the UNC Asheville Bulldogs’ athletic department since 2004 and has impressively kept the small D1 liberal arts institution of the Big South financially in the black every year. In this conversation we focus on the challenges and opportunities with all the changes happening in college athletics today. UNC Asheville is a unique place, being the only liberal arts institution in the University of North Carolina system, and one without a football program. Cone shares insight on why certain goals were placed in their strategic plan and how a department can still measure or adjust their plan that was interrupted by COVID-19. In addition, Cone explains how an AD can be upfront in hiring or evaluating head coaches when it comes to budget realities. After so many years in coaching and administration, Cone ends the conversation explaining why she still enjoys the industry despite the every day changes.

0:25 Institutional/Asheville Profile
5:33 Strategic Plan Before & After COVID-19
15:55 Budget Realities as a Small D1
19:40 AD Benefits in the UNC System
24:17 NCAA Academic Revenue Distribution in the Strategic Plan
31:20 NIL Strategy at UNC Asheville
35:45 What Keeps You Excited About the Job?

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