IUPUI Senior Associate AD (former) & (current) Point University AD Jaunelle White

Jaunelle White recently left her position as Senior Associate AD/SWA at IUPUI to become the next Athletic Director at Point University. Prior to her departure, White joined the Higher Ed Athletics podcast to talk specifically about IUPUI athletics. This was a special episode for me as an IUPUI alumnus, and with IUPUI being the focus subject in my EdD, where I study the future challenges facing urban research universities. White begins the episode with an institutional profile and shares the benefits and challenges in an athletic department operating within a large university system in a downtown location, including brand awareness for the Jaguar logo on a campus that fully embraces the IU trident as an Indiana University campus. White discusses the leadership from the outgoing chancellor, incoming president, and current athletic director and their support of IUPUI athletics. Being selected to the 2021-2022 NCAA Pathways Program, White talks about what she is most looking forward to in the professional development program. She was also the Horizon League representative on the D1 Council while at IUPUI, and shared her experiences on that important committee and the benefits getting to know sitting athletic directors while working as committee colleagues. White ends the episode sharing advice on how to approach and communicate career aspirations with your current boss to make sure you can grow professionally, while also not losing sight of the importance of being great at your current job.

0:45 Institutional/Athletic Department Profile
3:10 Benefits for Athletics at Large Urban Research University
6:18 Challenges for Athletics at Large Urban Research University
8:30 Re-Branding Athletics to Fit University System Branding Guidelines
11:40 Chancellor Support of IUPUI Athletics
13:55 New President Support for IUPUI Athletics
17:18 Athletic Director’s Vision for IUPUI Athletics
21:50 NCAA D1 Council Experiences
23:40 Interacting with Athletic Directors from D1 Council
26:06 Chosen to the 2021-2022 NCAA Pathways Program
30:45 Balancing Career Enhancement Opportunities with Current Job

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