Outgoing Chicago State Athletic Director Elliott Charles

Elliott Charles joined me last week for an hour conversation about Chicago State. Days after recording, Charles was reported as leaving the institution for a consulting opportunity. With his permission I have made this podcast available as a resource for those interested in becoming the next AD at Chicago State University. We spoke at length about his initial reactions in pursuit of the AD job and the first days in the chair. Then Charles talks about experiences the last two years leading through Covid-19 and his thoughts on the recently tabled legislation of the 21st Century Model for men’s soccer after helping with the initial proposal while at Clemson. The conversation turned to the current challenges of not having a conference home and what role the president has for the athletic department in helping fulfill the institution’s goals.

0:20 Institutional Profile
3:45 21st Century Model for Men’s Soccer
14:35 Initial Reactions to Chicago State During Search
19:55 Creating Plan for Athletic Department
23:45 First to Cancel Sports During Covid-19
33:03 CSU President Scott Crisis Management & Legal Background
37:35 CSU President Scott’s Goals & Vision for Athletics
44:00 Trying to Find a Permanent Conference
50:55 Difficulty & Consideration in Joining a Conference

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