Design thinking the uncertain future of intercollegiate athletics within higher education.

HEA educates users on current events in both higher ed and the NCAA through a variety of interviews with industry experts. Significant changes are coming to the governance structure of the NCAA and continued challenges are ahead for higher education. And since HEA mostly exists out of frustration from the noticeable disconnect between researchers and practitioners in both higher education and college athletics, we’ve got a lot of work to do to fix things.

Through a unique partnership with the IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute, which sits a football field’s length from the NCAA national office, HEA has access to incredible research tools like Qualtrics, Tableau, library databases and an open-access research journal to publish.

We promise to be collaborative with the industry, whether you like or hate the NCAA’s policies, and bring answers and insights to problems facing higher ed and athletics (hence the name Higher Ed Athletics) at every level and sized school.

In return, users need to engage with the content by completing surveys and interviews for research and polling, sending us questions you want studied, and by voting on which big projects to tackle for the biggest impact on the industry.

Be on the lookout for Higher Ed Athletics participating at conferences in 2020 and beyond!

Higher Ed Athletics operates under the business name The Sports Industry Review, LLC