Big-Time Front Porch

Higher Ed Athletics is excited to offer a new product to learn outside the classroom with the Big-Time Front Porch show. The title is sort of a way to poke fun at the constant keyword of “Big-Time” in reference to researchers studying college football and men’s basketball, and the overused “Front Porch” description by practitioners on what college athletics means for the institution.

The idea of the show is for Travis and the guests to run through research or project ideas that they want to do but either haven’t or won’t have the time to ever follow up on. This could generate some creativity and give others some ideas to take on. Travis will share more of his own thoughts and ideas on the industry in this show with solo episodes.

The guests on this show are senior-level administrators, researchers, journalists, and law experts that focus their work interests on higher education and athletics administration.

If you are interested in participating on an episode of Big-Time Front Porch please send a message on the contact page.