HEA Official Visit

A combination of two in-person events with live audiences – the Higher Ed Athletics podcast and a town hall session with faculty, administrators and students from different disciplines of education and sport to discuss the current and future state of college athletics, both locally and nationally.

The goal of HEA Official Visit is to bring the campus stakeholders together for a public discussion about where the institution fits in the future landscape of intercollegiate athletics within higher education. Doing so with Travis Smith as the interviewer and moderator will ensure a respectful conversation.

If you would like to invite Higher Ed Athletics to campus for an Official Visit, and to maybe get on a field and try to play some sports, please fill out the contact form. These discussions can be initiated from an academic school (Sport Administration/Education/Business) or the athletic department. The institution would be responsible for hosting, set-up and on-campus marketing of the event. HEA can provide access to a live Zoom for those that cannot make it to the in-person event and a presenting sponsor will cover Travis Smith’s travel costs.