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After successfully launching in 2019 as a podcast, Higher Ed Athletics is creating a knowledge sharing community through an institutional consortium model in 2020. HEA has partnered with the IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute and is creating a diverse board of advisors to power HEA on this ambitious project. 

Seeking to disrupt traditional research in the industry while flipping the expensive consulting model on its head, HEA will provide actionable insights through its ongoing podcast, informative research reports, innovative white papers, and real case and feasibility studies, too. In addition, topical webinars and livestreams hosted by industry professionals will provide tactical content while removing the expensive travel costs associated with traditional conferences that too often denies access to countless NCAA institutions.

Tough decisions will have to be made and having access to readily available information for different scenarios, options and likely outcomes will be critical to leadership. While not every NCAA institutional profile is alike, or facing the same situational challenges, many are comparable through divisional subdivision, athletic conference or institution type and size. HEA examines how different situations affect different types of institutions. 

Instead of overspending on a consulting company to solve the same problem your comparable peers are facing, or simply doing nothing, invest in a HEA information sharing agreement. Submit your own study request or problem needing insights on and HEA will conduct an analysis, preserve anonymity of the institution, if requested, and then share the rest of the study with HEA members to make the best decision then or in the future.

Membership will be provided through an agreement between HEA and the institution, whereas each employee or student with the school’s email domain would have access to content. Not only would those in the athletic department have access, but the sport management, business and law programs, too, for example, could have access to insights from all across the country. Learn more about the different types and samples of content to expect in the pages ahead. 


The Higher Ed Athletics podcast provides interviews with industry thought-leaders and experts, such as university presidents, athletic directors and faculty, to discuss wide-ranging issues in both higher education and intercollegiate athletics. Concise interview transcripts are available for those that prefer reading, are interested in note taking, or to cite for research.

Featured episodes are hosted on and additional interviews are regularly posted through Apple podcast, Google Play, Spotify and readily available at


Through a unique partnership with the IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute, HEA has access to incredible research tools, including Qualtrics, Tableau and countless research databases from Indiana University.

Higher Ed Athletics understands the challenges facing both intercollegiate athletics and the NCAA, and will seek out industry experts from HEA membership to provide insights and solutions to existing and foreseeable challenges to the industry. HEA will publish and co-author traditional research in the IUPUI Sports Innovation Journal while leveraging digital media and infographics to easily explain and provide guidance on strategy and implementation.


There is no shortage in challenges needing studied today in intercollegiate athletics. Many NCAA schools see an opportunity or upcoming decision to be made and can easily contract with a consulting company to help provide strategic advice.

Not every NCAA school can afford a feasibility study or what-if scenario, though. But with HEA, members can submit a request and HEA will leverage its resources with the IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute to create the study and offer the results to HEA members as an included membership benefit while maintaining anonymity of the submitting institution or individual, if necessary.


Researchers studying intercollegiate athletics are incredibly skilled and understand there are many challenges within college athletics that need studied. But scholars must be given access to industry practitioners to better understand what exactly needs studied now, and practitioners need to be open to serving as a source to researchers. 

HEA wants to serve as a middleman of sorts between both  practitioners and researchers to increase the sharing of information and raise the effectiveness of traditional research in intercollegiate athletics.


Sometimes research is a little too heavy on the literature review and methods instead of being concise with the results and implementation to consider in an innovative idea.

White papers from HEA use out-of-the-box thinking and offer tactical and practical steps for execution. HEA membership includes access to every white paper. Potential white paper topics are explained below.


With so many experts in this industry there is tremendous value in offering topical webinars hosted by our peers in both higher education and intercollegiate athletics. 

Topical webinars can flip the traditional professional conference experience by eliminating travel costs and providing interactive experiences with incredible insights from a diverse set of individuals.


HEA members will receive a monthly newsletter highlighting the critical stories in higher education with commentary on how and why it should be of interest to those in intercollegiate athletics. Newsletters will also include HEA interviews and feature stories. 

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