HEA Insider Magazine – Issue 01

Higher Ed Athletics publishes an internet magazine that highlights interviews with industry and institutional experts as well as a summary of current issues facing higher education and how they might affect intercollegiate athletics. Each issue of the HEA Insider magazine includes a what-if feature on what higher education and the NCAA could learn from each other.

Table of Contents

  • Higher Ed Athletics: Design-Thinking the Future of Intercollegiate Athletics Within Higher Education
  • Back to School: Documenting My EdD in Higher Education Experience
  • Maximizing Financial Resources and Efficiencies with Oregon Athletic Director Rob Mullens
  • What If Feature: If Higher Education Created Their Own NCAA Eligibility Center for a Modernized Admissions Process
  • Discussing Higher Education and the NCAA with Robert Morris University President Chris Howard, PhD
  • Book Review: Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change by Beth Comstock
  • Challenges Ahead in Higher Education with Indiana State President Deborah Curtis, PhD
  • HEA Report Preview: Using Athletics to Drive Enrollment at D2 and D3 Institutions
  • Land-Grant Fierce with Stephen Gavazzi, PhD
  • Recent Events in Higher Education