Qualitative Research

In a world obsessed with numbers, don’t overlook the powerful insights of conversation and observation data.

Open conversations and observations are underutilized in college athletics.

Higher Ed Athletics research can offer insights to athletic departments by using several small focus groups and one-on-one interviews, which then guide larger scale survey designs (think asking alums/businesses why they don’t currently donate). Other qualitative research includes opinion polling and observation studies, including ethnography where Travis Smith immerses himself into your environment to better understand a situation (think secret shopper at basketball game).

If you are an athletic director trying to better understand the honest feedback from your institution’s student body, faculty and staff, or the thoughts of your alumni, donors, and community residents and businesses, then consider deploying the qualitative and conversational research from Higher Ed Athletics. Clients are provided a detailed report and receive the transcripts and study notes (with identifying information removed).