Grambling State’s President & Athletic Director

This is the first President & AD combination episode of the Higher Ed Athletics podcast. Joined by Grambling State University’s President Rick Gallot Jr and Vice President Dr. Trayvean Scott, we had a wide-ranging conversation. President Gallot explains why he chose Dr. Scott to serve as not just the Athletic Director, but also becoming the first VP of Intercollegiate Athletics. Dr. Scott explains why he decided to pursue a PhD and what it was like moving from a Deputy role at Southern to the VP position at Grambling. Before becoming a university president, Gallot was a state representative and state senator and he shares how those relationships help the institution. To nerd out with me on APR, I ask Dr. Scott his thinking on what should happen with APR and he shares his philosophy and concerns on APR as it relates to NIL and transfer portal potentially negatively impacting top college athletes at HBCUs. The conversation turns to a good discussion on the unique relationships a university system can provide, especially when those system institutions are in different athletic conferences. President Gallot, when asked about how difficult it is to make decisions on college athletics with so much uncertainty, closes the conversation by explaining why it is in Grambling’s historical nature to operate in challenging situations and makes the case as to why the more resourced institutions in the NCAA will be the ones at the disadvantage.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:30 Institutional & Athletic Department Profile
  • 6:30 What President Gallot Saw in Hiring Dr. Scott as VP/AD
  • 14:10 Why Dr. Scott Pursued the PhD to Complement AD Role
  • 19:00 Going from Southern Deputy to Grambling State VP/AD
  • 21:50 President Gallot’s Experience as a State Senator/Representative Before Presidency
  • 25:50 If Not for College Athletics, Would Presidents Talk to Each Other as Much?
  • 29:00 How Do We Adjust APR for NIL, Transfer Portal if HBCUs Become Feeder for Transfer-Outs?
  • 35:00 Institutions in University Systems & Different Conferences Collaborating on Athletics Decisions
  • 42:22 Why President Gallot Thinks GCU is Well-Positioned for Uncertain NCAA Futures

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