USF AD Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly from University of South Florida joined Higher Ed Athletics. The conversation begins with a question about whether giving levels and brand power at younger FBS institutions will ever catch up with the older institutions. Kelly shares the advantage that younger institutions like USF have right now in trying to be creative with decision-making. Kelly hosts the Bull Speed Ahead podcast and explains the reason behind the communication strategy for his fans. Particularly interesting since this show was created from being in a higher education doctorate program, Travis asks why it’s been so important for Michael to teach and guest lecture at several institutions throughout his career. The conversation turns to how athletic leaders can leverage the brainpower on college campus ecosystems to help solve challenges in college athletics. Kelly shares how to decide whether advice is good or not in a decision-making process. Before closing with each sharing book recommendations, Travis asks Kelly to share a failure or challenge he has faced in his career: Ships in Jacksonville for the Super Bowl

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