Akron AD Charles Guthrie

Charles Guthrie has been leading Akron through a rebrand and joined the HEA podcast to talk about going to the Block “A” and that conversation spills into more insight into his approach to leadership as an executive. Guthrie gives his take on the pros and cons of guarantee money games in Football and whether things will change with the expansion of the College Football Playoff. With two AD Chair openings in the MAC at the time of this recording, Guthrie talks about what it’s like working inside the MAC with their commissioner and its fellow ADs. We closed out the conversation talking about the transformation committee work and whether things become more challenging to operate an athletic department with so much ongoing uncertainty.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:25 Recapping the LEAD1 Meeting in Washington DC
  • 6:12 Rebranding Akron Athletics with the “A”
  • 13:55 Getting Back to a Football School
  • 15:45 Never Forget Who You Are
  • 20:00 His Approach and Philosophy to Being an Executive
  • 23:00 How Do You Learn?
  • 25:40 Approach to and Future of Guarantee Games
  • 29:15 Thoughts on MAC Athletic Director Group
  • 33:15 Two or Three Biggest Challenges Not Given Enough Spotlight

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