Murray State AD Nico Yantko

Former Racer starting quarterback Nico Yantko is now leading the Murray State athletic department. Yantko begins the conversation talking about his initial preparation for the interview and first days on the job. The conversation continues to speak heavily to his vision and decision-making. Yantko talks about the need to be quick but not in a hurry when making decisions as a new AD even when you want to do so much from day one. The switch to the MVC and MVFC is discussed as well as the recently announced presenting sponsor for women’s basketball that will make admission free to the community. Yantko ends the conversation with a passionate discussion about the Dennis Jackson Leadership Program and how the department looks to support Racer student-athletes for long-term growth.

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 5:40: Initial Strategy and List of Priorities During Interview and Early On The Job
  • 11:10 Approach To Coming To A Decision
  • 13:36 Having A Close Group Of Confidants
  • 16:10 Realities Of The Job And How They Change The Vision
  • 18:30 Moving Into The AD Chair From The Deputy Position
  • 23:25 Transitioning Into The Valley
  • 28:12 Presenting Sponsor Announcement for Women’s Basketball Free Admission
  • 32:30 Dennis Jackson Leadership Program And Recruiting To Retirement

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